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Top 5 Ways to Prevent Discomfort, Inconvenience, and Expense

Here in Kingston NY, the days are getting colder! With colder days, come even colder nights. Make sure you and your family stay comfortable and warm by utilizing these Top 5 Ways to Prevent Discomfort, Inconvenience, and Expense!

1. Don’t wait until it’s cold to find out that your heating system isn’t working! Most people wait until they are uncomfortably cold before turning on their heat and they then discover that their heating system is not working or not working properly. If you work during the day, chances are you won’t realize that your heating system isn’t working until evening or even until the weekend. Not only is it extremely bothersome to go without heat, but you will also have to pay an additional fee to have an HVAC expert come to your house after hours (evenings and weekends). Start your heating system now to be sure. Better yet, have a qualified professional perform an annual maintenance and check the system over completely. Go into the winter with a clean bill of health for your heating system!

2. Starting and running your furnace a few times over the summer can prevent many issues such as motor failure or dust accumulation (see 4). Most people wouldn’t let a car sit more than a week without starting it, so why not your heating system? Any heating system has at least one motor that can refuse to start up if it sits too long. If your system circulates water an air pocket can accumulate that will prevent the heat from circulating. Exercising your heating system over the summer can prevent this.

3. When you see the signs outside your local fire department reminding you to replace the batteries in your fire and carbon monoxide alarms, let that serve as a reminder to replace the batteries in your thermostat too. When thermostat batteries get weak the thermostat will at first operate intermittently and then not at all. It’s a good idea to replace the batteries in your TV remote control also, so you're not tempted to swipe them out of the fire alarm when they go bad!

4. What’s that smell? Don’t panic...yet! If you start your heating system and smell a slight burning smell it could just be dust burning off the heat exchanger. This is normal if the appliance hasn’t run all summer, but could be exacerbated by dirty air filters. Check or replace them first. A clogged air filter could even cause your fan motor to overheat and burn out. Sometimes hot water radiators or baseboards will become hot enough to burn off some dust. Don’t do anything unsafe! If you’re unsure, call a professional. Ask your heating professional about a high-efficiency air filter to keep the air that you breathe cleaner and to your heating system running most efficiently.

5. Remember that any heating or cooling equipment is only as good as its installer! Oversizing, undersizing, poor ductwork, improper venting, insufficient airflow, and several other installation-related issues will affect the longevity and efficiency of your heating system. When it’s time to replace your system call A-Team Comfort Systems and rest assured that every facet of the job is done correctly. The low bidder may very likely cost you more in the long run!