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Art Raffle

**Exciting Art Giveaway Announcement!**

As a fully locally owned company A-Team Comfort Systems is thrilled to announce our latest initiative to support our local community – the Art Giveaway! Each time we host this event, we'll be raffling off a stunning framed canvas print created by a talented Woodstock area artist. We believe in nurturing our local artistic community, and this giveaway is our way of showcasing their incredible work. By participating, you not only stand a chance to win a captivating artwork but also contribute to the vibrant arts scene right here in and around Woodstock. Stay tuned for updates on the featured artists and your chance to bring home a piece of our local creative spirit!

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Thank you for being here, working here, and supporting here!

Elijah by Michele Bramlett

Michele Bramlett, born into a creative legacy, is a renowned fine artist, illustrator, and designer hailing from Ventura, California. Immersed in art from an early age, Michele's vibrant acrylic canvasses have graced exhibitions in New York, Santa Fe, and across California. Her talent has earned her accolades, including three best of show awards in southern California and featured in Fine Art Magazine publications.

Known for her soulful depiction of people, Michele's art captures the essence of her subjects, delving into their very souls. She has left her mark not only in the art world but also as an illustrator for books such as 'The Sweetest Way Home' and '7 Priceless Prescriptions for Health and Anti Aging'.

Her artistic journey is rooted in deep connections and meaningful symbolism, epitomized by her painting 'Elijah', a tribute to her father, Delaney Bramlett of Delaney & Bonnie and friends. “I painted Elijah to honor the dream of the musician, and the heart of my Dad.”

Michele's art resonates with the raw emotions of the human experience, inviting viewers to connect with her truth and the profound stories within her creations.

Michelle sends her love to you, and wishes you the best!

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