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Annual Service & Inspection

Heating system (1 system)


AC System (1 system)

Plumbing system

Electrical system (coming soon)

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Extended repair warranties  

365 System Home Inspections


  • Check and clean condenser coil

  • Check evaporator coil

  • Check blower motor

  • Check refrigerant charge

  • Lubricate motor, bearings, and fans (if applicable)

  • Check and tighten all electrical connections

  • Check temperature and pressures

  • Check thermostat for proper operation

  • Check and labeling of emergency shutoffs

  • Check controls and safety devices

  • Check capacitors 

  • Check and clean condensate drain

  • Check relays and contactors for proper operation

  • Check ductwork dust buildup

  • Check proper amperage and voltage of A/C system

  • Start and test operation and cycle of unit

  • Check airflow


  • Check water pressure

  • Test drinking water

  • Check washing machine hoses

  • Check all faucets for leaks to ensure proper operations

  • Check toilet flappers and filler mechanism

  • Check sump pump

  • Check all drains to proper flow

  • Check garbage disposals for proper operation

  • Check all emergency shut-offs at locations

  • Check all sink traps and shut-offs

  • Check the main water meter

  • Check all outside spigots

  • Water heater check off


  • Check all burners for proper operations

  • Check thermocouple for proper operation

  • Check the heat exchanger surface

  • Check the flue pipe

  • Lubricate pumps, bearings, and fans 

  • Check the inducer and blower motors

  • Check and tighten all the electrical connections

  • Check the safety switch and controls

  • Check pilot assembly

  • Check temperature and pressures

  • Check thermostat for proper function

  • Test and label emergency shut offs

  • Check gas valve

  • Check zone valves

  • Check expansion tank

  • Check aquastat, relay and water regulator

  • Check air flow across the indoor coil and blower wheels

  • Check ductwork & dust

  • Start and test operation and cycle of unit

  • Check air flow

Residential only. If you are looking to purchase a membership for a business please contact us at ateamcomfort@gmail.com.

Customer is responsible for calling A-Team and scheduling all desired appointments. 


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